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Diamond Lotteries invites you to unlock the door to your dreams with our captivating array of Lottery tickets. Explore endless possibilities, ignite your passions, and seize the opportunity to change your life forever. Join us today!


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At Diamond Lotteries, we transcend the ordinary. For over 3 years, we’ve been more than just a lottery retailer, we’ve been your trusted partner in the pursuit of fortune.

Specializing in Kerala State Lotteries, we serve customers across Kerala, delivering excitement and opportunity to doorsteps.

Diamond Lottery Agency

Unleash Your Luck with Diamond Lotteries!

Your lottery experience with Diamond Lottery Agency, where every ticket holds the promise of excitement, opportunity, and life – changing wins.

Diamond Lottery Agency
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Proprietor of Diamond Lottery Agency

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Kerala's diverse lottery options for daily and bumper draws. Win exciting prizes every day!

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We handle your winning ticket claims seamlessly, or you can claim directly at any Kerala district office.

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Prompt assistance for all your lottery - related inquiries and concerns from our team.

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Reach out to Mr. Prasanth, Proprietor of Diamond Lotteries, for personalized assistance and inquiries.


Why Diamond Lottery Agency Stands Out?

With over 3 years of experience, Diamond Lottery Agency is your trusted partner in the pursuit of fortune. Offering thrilling daily draws and a secure custody option, we prioritize transparency and convenience at every step. 

Trusted Agency

Earned trust through transparent and reliable service for 3+ years.

Thrilling Prizes

Experience daily excitement with our diverse lottery options.

Secure Custody

Safeguard your tickets with our mutual trust-based Safe Custody.


From storage to verification, is transparent and accountable.


Streamlined processes for effortless purchasing and claiming.

Exceptional Support

Seamless assistance for all your lottery needs, start to finish.


Certified Agency by Kerala Government

Diamond Lottery Agency, our mission is clear to provide a trusted and government – Certified Agency for lottery enthusiasts across Kerala. Our certification by the Kerala Government reflects our unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and ethical business practices in the lottery industry.

Government - Certified

Our Agency is proud to be certified by the Kerala Government

Trusted - Transparency

Ensuring every aspect of us operated with honesty

Ethical Integrity Assurance

Adhere to strict ethical standards, providing fair gaming for all


Explore Your Winning Options

Discover our diverse range of lottery tickets, each offering unique opportunities to win big. From Akshaya to Win Win, find the perfect ticket for your chance at fortune.

Akshaya lottery ticket


Fifty-Fifty Lottery Ticket

Fifty - Fifty

Karunya Lottery Ticket


Karunya-Plus Lottery Ticket

Karunya Plus

Nirmal Lottery Ticket


Sthree Sakthi Lottery Ticket

Sthree Sakthi

Win-Win Lottery Ticket

Win Win


Shine Bright with Our Winners

Experience the brilliance of Diamond Lotteries through the words of our delighted customers. Discover their stories of triumph and fortune, and join the ranks of our shining stars.

Diamond Lottery Agency Client 1

 "Happy to share my 3-time 60,000 prize wins with Diamond Lottery Agency. Their winning numbers deliver, totaling over 3 lakhs!"


Diamond Lottery Agency Client 2

"Consistent wins over 6 months, 4 times 60,000 and 2 times 24,000. Trustable and genuine agency, highly recommended."

Sundar Reddy

Diamond Lottery Agency Client 3

"Provided knowledge about Kerala lotteries, bagged over 2 lakhs with two 60,000 prizes. Trustable agency, reliable wins."


Disclaimer : Participation in lotteries involves risks. We encourage users to play responsibly and within their means. Excessive involvement can have negative financial and social consequences.


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